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Service Locations:

Wisconsin, USA
  • Janesville
  • Beloit
  • Milton
  • Madison
(Contact us for more city options)

Cleaning Provided:

  • All Hard Surfaces
    • We will clean under light items
    • Heavily cluttered surfaces will be dusted around
  • Toilets, vanities, mirrors, and sinks
  • Showers/tubs
    • Hard water and other stains may not be removed
  • Baseboards, chair rails, and light switch covers 
  • Ceiling fans
    • Up to 10 feet
  • Inside of all windows
    • Accessible with a step ladder
  • Vacuum/Mop all floors
    • Finished floors only
  • Empty trash cans
    • If trash bags are provided by client
  • Change bedsheets
    • Upon request and clean ones are provided by client


Interior – residential and commercial
  • Recurring (monthly or bi-weekly)
  • One-time
  • Move-in/out
  • New Construction

What All-Natural Brands Do We Use?

– Norwex

– PathoSans

– Better Life

– Meyer’s

Meet The Owners

Hello everyone! Hayden and Alaina here, husband and wife duo. We love working with our clients and taking care of their homes. We are very passionate about the safety of our clients and their families so that’s why we use all-natural products!

A&H Natural Cleaning Owners